Chocolate Puppies Coming in July...

Chocolate puppies coming 7.27.2020

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Labrador retrievers are among the most loving, loyal, and family-friendly dog breeds. If you would like a healthy, responsibly bred lab of your very own, see the white, silver, & chocolate lab puppies at Dugger Mountain Labs. We provide white, silver, & chocolate labs for sale to the wider AL area and across the U.S.

Responsible and Compassionate Breeders

At Dugger Mountain Labs, we prioritize not only the health of our dogs but also their happiness and general welfare. Each of our adult breeding dogs are well-trained members of our family, with excellent living conditions and plenty of exercise, play, and daily human attention to keep them happy and healthy. We have strict standards to prevent overbreeding, and all of our dogs continue to live with us when they are past breeding age.

We advocate for such high standards on behalf of breeding dogs across the nation and are careful to practice what we preach.

Additionally, we are committed to the health of the Labrador retriever breed as a whole. We take our pledge to never breed labs who carry genetic defects seriously, and we don’t sell breeding rights to any of our puppies in order to prevent them from being bred irresponsibly or unethically.

Healthy and Happy Puppies

We at Dugger Mountain Labs specialize in the breeding of white, chocolate, and silver lab puppies, though we occasionally have the standard yellow and black lab puppies available as well. Regardless of color, we give our puppies the best possible start in life so that they come to you healthy, happy, and well-adjusted for life in their new home.

Our silver lab puppies are especially striking, with silver-blue tones to their fur and eyes. With a silver lab, you can enjoy a dog that looks unique and interesting and still retains all the Labrador retriever’s best characteristics.

If you’re looking for a lovable, energetic, trainable pet that is eager to please and will get along with the whole family, our puppies will not disappoint. Take a look at our available puppies below to find your new friend today, or contact us to inquire about future litters.